Author - Anna Żbikowska

3 digital marketing trends in 2021 - LocAtHeart translation agency

3 Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

Pivot has been voted the marketing word of the year – and rightfully so. In basketball, it stands for a movement that allows the player holding the ball to move in any direction with one foot, while keeping the other in contact with the floor. The ability to change the direction is the very...

Increase sales and improve brand visibility with product descriptions

Increase sales and improve brand visibility with product descriptions

Descriptions and photos work together In the “new normal” pandemic reality, product photos are not enough. Well-tailored text is even more important than before, as it bears a greater responsibility for effective sales. Simply “showing” a product isn't enough. To stand out in a crowd, you need to utilise all your marketing tools. Words included. A...

Selling cosmetics to Koreans - insights on the Korean beauty market. Photograph of a Korean woman (b&w)

Selling Cosmetics to Koreans

Koreans, cosmetics and beauty culture South Korean cosmetics and beauty routine are the hippest part of the Korean wave, or hallyu. K-beauty is a vast term that includes skincare and makeup. Statistics don’t lie – in 2018 South Korea became the fifth country in the world with the largest revenue from skincare products. Koreans take skincare...