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The financial industry is one that definitely cannot afford PR disasters resulting from inadequate content localisation in a given market.

One of our clients – a start-up providing free instant international money transfers – is on a mission to promote financial equality around the world. 

Read our case study to learn how we assist companies in the financial industry to build brand trust in international markets.

Challenges and objectives

Our client needed content translated into such languages as Ukrainian or Romanian. Its scope included:

  • website and customer panel,
  • email messages,
  • ads,
  • landing pages,
  • blog articles.

Step 1: Multilingual content audit

Our client already had content prepared in select target languages – locatheart was asked to review specific website subpages.

In an Excel file, the linguists working with us added comments on errors and encountered problems, as well as suggestions for improving respective pieces of text.

Once the information on a particular subpage was compiled, our client was able to make all the necessary changes and corrections.

Step 2: Content translation

The financial industry depends greatly on customer trust in service providers.

For companies within this sector, especially for start-ups engaging with potential and existing customers, the quality of content can be a deal breaker.

Any linguistic errors, inconsistencies, or inappropriate register or tone of communication can result in negative business outcomes.

For our client, we provided translation with a thorough review to guarantee the highest possible quality.

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Tailored solutions for the financial industry

At locatheart, we approach non-standard queries and requests with an open mind.

This was also the case with our client from the financial industry, who asked us to check the prices of specific products in selected markets to investigate the real purchasing power of money in a given country.

This information was necessary for our client to prepare a report to be used in marketing campaigns.

From our client, we received a list of products to be surveyed and a series of guidelines as to how to obtain reliable data from several markets.

The guidelines were then sent to our partners, who “went shopping”, gathering all the necessary information to be included in the report.


The financial industry is one that definitely cannot afford PR disasters resulting from inadequate content localisation.

It is therefore important to entrust the translation of texts to a partner that is able to adapt them to the realities of a given market. This will ensure that the content instils confidence in potential users, attracting them instead of driving them away.

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