Translation services for marketing

Marketing is all about putting your offer on the market and doing it right. For your customers to notice and crave your product or service you must not only understand them. You must also let them understand you, your message and your identity.

To help you achieve your business goal, we have developed a range of marketing translation services, from automated messaging to creative copywriting, from product descriptions to multilingual keyword research. All performed by specialized writers and translators living in the market they work for.

Translating marketing communication

Translating marketing communication is not just about smooth and creative writing. Your content must address the needs and problems of your audience. You must be relatable, reliable, or aspirational. These differences play out in the intricacies of language: word choice, references to the cultural and historical context etc.

At locatheart we work with native speakers who translate for the market they live in, which gives them grounding in the language reality of that region. With us, your marketing communication will sound smooth and natural.

Content marketing translation

Quality content, once created, can be used in other languages, as well. It is very important to adjust it to the differences of each market, like a different business environment, regulations, marketing trends and access to information on similar topics. It is safe to say that much of content marketing materials must be adapted for each new market. At locatheart we are happy to analyze your content to detect the passages that need modification.

Multilingual copywriting

Sometimes translation just isn’t enough. Creating original content in multiple languages can be the best strategy but coordination of the process is best left to specialists. At locatheart we will find the best writers to create your copy in multiple languages and coordinate the whole process so that you can focus on the core of your business.


Transcreation is where translation meets copywriting. It can be described as recreating a piece of content in a new language, with consideration for the new context, but sticking to the scope of the original message. As this is a fairly new concept, we have created a guide to transcreation called Transcreation Essentials.[link]

Content adaptation

When content needs adaptation it is usually about minor or standard changes that must be applied. It is less creative than transcreation but it requires a lot of focus.

Example: Your company prepared product descriptions for a series of new chocolate flavours in 100 grams packaging. But now you have introduced 200 grams packaging. Each description needs adaptation, but it is not a creative change.

Video content translation

Video has a growing share of communication and therefore must be translated, too. When locatheart first started, audiovisual translation was our main focus. Over time we have developed greatly but our extensive experience in translating a variety of video formats – from VoD series, to commercials, to behind the scenes productions – makes us confident in offering our skills to translate or localize all kinds of video content in marketing and beyond.

Graphics files translation

Graphics files may be part of you content marketing strategy or of your typical marketing efforts. Forget copy-pasting. You can save many hours of DTP specialists’ work thanks to the use of our professional translation software. Computer aided translation (CAT) tools work with file formats used by the most popular graphics software and with automated export and import of content the work becomes faster and the error rate falls drastically.

Translating automated marketing

Marketing automation facilitates communication. Translation enables communication.
We have experience in translating scripted automated marketing communication, via email, text messaging and more. We offer translating complete messages in a specific context as well as translating paragraphs as building blocks for you to mix in your automated marketing campaigns.

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