We are a Translation Agency

We live in a digital world, but we don’t communicate through digits. Human to human, we still use words to share what we love.

The world is in constant transformation, but some things remain unchanged. People still want to connect, learn, and try out new things.

The global audience out there on the internet awaits your content: engaging, relatable, and to the point. It is important to understand your audience. But if you really want to reach them, let them find you and then help them understand your message.

At locatheart it is our mission to support companies in their international expansion. We bring it to life by focusing on 5 factors:


Every company is different – and so is every translation project. We listen carefully to the needs and expectations of our clients. They know best.


Audiences differ from company to company, market to market, ad campaign to ad campaign. The end-users and customers are always in our minds.


In a business setting, quality should be consciously defined and selected for each project. We help our clients make that choice, and then we make sure to meet that standard.


Our linguists are native speakers living in the country that they translate for. That way we can ensure that every new language version is well-adjusted to the current context and powerful trends of the respective market.


This is where we get very digital. Translation technology is booming. With CAT software, automated QA, translation memory, as well as translation and content management systems and plugins, we make sure our clients benefit from the best tech solutions and processes.

With changes in technology, the role of translation agencies shifted too. New services emerged and others developed. That is the setting in which locatheart was founded in 2015. As a modern translation agency, we have all those services in our toolbox.

If you have any upcoming translation or multilingual projects, simply contact us. We will get back to you with solutions.

Whatever your industry, whether it’s FMCG, fashion or mobile games, you are the expert in your business. You do not have to know which service you need. All you need to define is the outcome you want to achieve. Our consultants are here to identify the services and processes best suited to your needs, whether that’s translation, multilingual copywriting, transcreation and copy editing, multilingual SEO, multilingual voice optimisation, content updates or content management.