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Translation case studies

Translation in many shapes and forms

SEO case studies

Keyword research, content optimisation and SEO services

New language versions of product catalogues

Our client – one of the largest US-based medical apparel manufacturers – required an English and German version of their product catalogues, used as promo materials at an important industry trade fair in Düsseldorf. Read how locatheart handled this challenge.

Amazon: Kitchen and Bathroom Accessories Visibility

One of our clients specialises in manufacturing kitchen and bathroom accessories. Read our case study to find out how we contributed to a significant 50% boost in product visibility across the French, Italian, German, and Spanish markets!

Mobile Games: Board Game Leader Goes Mobile

Almost since its establishment, locatheart has been working with Trefl, one of the largest game manufacturers in Poland known for its jigsaw puzzles, board games and card games. In 2023, the company decided to expand its product range to include mobile games.

Subtitles and voice-over recordings for Tribecco’s product videos

The company asked us to prepare subtitles and voice-over recordings in German and French for their product videos. The videos were to be used to present the company’s items on Amazon’s marketplace.

Translation of the “What About the El Dorado” report for Just Join IT

The company prepared a report, meticulously analysing the IT labour market. As Just Join IT’s regular language services provider, we were entrusted with rendering the document into English.

Content audit of the Italian language version of an online shop from the beauty industry

Our client – a cosmetics manufacturer – asked us to verify the quality of content on their online platform, including texts related to key products from their range.

Entering a new market within the FMCG industry

Meeting all deadlines set by our client and delivering natural-sounding content in Spanish was possible thanks to an extensive network of linguists translating solely into their native tongue.

Content localisation into 20+ languages for an international fashion brand

The client’s requirement for multilingual translation posed several challenges, primarily stemming from the need for consistency, accuracy, and efficiency across a broad spectrum of multilingual content.

Translating mobile game content into 20 languages in less than 24 hours

The main challenge for mobile game developers is synchronising content releases across all languages, ensuring that every user can enjoy the latest updates simultaneously. Read our case study and discover how the locatheart team stands out in providing localised content across 20 languages in less than 24 hours.

Website translation for a company from the agrochemical industry

With a new website project on the agenda, our client – a manufacturer of fertilisers – wanted to spruce up all the existing content. We were tasked with translating English texts from the global website into Polish. Soon after, the cooperation expanded to include Romanian and Hungarian versions optimised for search engines.

QA: Quality Enhancement of Machine Translated Content

Our client used machine-translated content on their website, which they generated independently. However, the quality of the content was not verified or properly reviewed.
locatheart was engaged to identify key phrases and optimize content for Reccreo’s target markets, including German, Italian, French, and Dutch.

Non-standard project for a client from the automotive industry

Our client develops software and systems for the automotive industry. They wanted to localize their operating system into 13 languages to ensure a superb product and maximum usability. Translated messages, voice commands, and on-screen texts were checked on the end device.

How to successfully switch localisation partners

Read our case study to explore how we’ve come up with a proven process that facilitates the takeover of translation projects from other agencies, ensuring efficiency and boosting localisation quality.

Valentine’s Day lead magnet for NapoleonCat

NapoleonCat offers its clients – both regular and prospective – educational and ready-to-use content which it posts on various platforms. One example of such content was a PDF prepared for Valentine’s Day 2023 that contained the most popular hashtags and an overview of interesting social media trends.

Amazon: Popular toy's visibility on Amazon

Our client wanted to enhance the discoverability of their products on Amazon across France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. Meeting the client’s strict deadlines was a top priority throughout the project.

Localising LiveOps events for a mobile game

Our client is a top mobile game developer in Poland. We localise its games into 20+ languagesA translation agency and a mobile game development studio partnership requires an agile localisation approach, ensuring players receive captivating new content consistently.

Google Ads: Ad Translation into Hungarian, Czech and Slovak

Our client wanted to obtain naturally sounding content that, first, would attract potential customers even in the most demanding markets, and second, would be properly optimised in terms of phrases that are popular among users.

We helped introduce a Steam game to 5 more markets

Our client wanted to add new language versions to an already published game available on Steam. The project’s objective was to reach recipients from regions known for their large gaming communities.

Money without borders – translations for the financial industry

The financial industry is one that definitely cannot afford PR disasters resulting from inadequate content localisation in a given market.