Subtitles and voice-over recordings for Tribecco’s product videos

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Tribecco is an e-commerce store and a brand under the TRB Group – a producer of playground and outdoor fitness equipment, as well as elements of garden design.

The company asked us to prepare subtitles and voice-over recordings in German and French for their product videos. The videos were to be used to present the company’s items on Amazon’s marketplace.

Challenges and objectives

Our client already had product videos in Polish. They wanted to localise them fully so that they could be used in the German and French markets – for this reason, they were to be supplemented with subtitles and voice-over recordings.

At Tribecco, we had an urgent need to adjust our product videos in Polish so that they could be used in the German and French markets. We considered a few options, for example creating new footage altogether or providing voice-over recordings on our own. I’m happy that we happened upon locatheart, as the final effect exceeded our wildest expectations. This cooperation saved us a lot of time and money

– Maciej Kozłowski, CEO, TRB Group

Step 1: Transcribing video recordings

We began by transcribing the audio track, using dedicated tools. Next, basing on the transcription, we created Polish captions with suitable time codes.

The resultant subtitles were then rendered into English, which we use as a pivot language, so that our German and French linguists could get down to translating them into their respective native tongues.

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Step 2: Preparing subtitles in German and French

The English subtitles were sent to our linguists in Germany and France who dealt with their rendition.

Once our AVT project managers had received the translations, they followed our client’s wishes and burned the subtitles into the videos, which, subsequently, served as a reference material at the next stage of work.

Step 3: Preparing voice-over recordings

Before we started working on the voice-over, the client received audio samples of German and French voice talents from our database.

After they had chosen the most suitable ones, the videos and all necessary reference materials prepared at previous stages were sent to the studio which did the recording.

The effect of our work can be listened to here:

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The video format has been gaining importance in modern marketing. Preparing multiple video versions from scratch so that they involve actors speaking the relevant languages might be incredibly time-consuming and costly.

A much quicker and more cost-effective way would be to entrust the creation of voice-over or dubbing recordings to a language agency, such as locatheart, which will prepare files that allow for reaching recipients in multiple markets.

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