Translation for e-Commerce, Marketing, IT, Games and More

To reach customers in a new market you need translation.
To build a true sense of community around your brand, globally, you need translation.
If your product is online and global, you need translation.

But every translation project is different, and that’s why we offer a variety of solutions: from top-quality human translation, with editing and proofreading, to simple machine translation.

We work with most of languages you can think of, but if you are interested in a list, take a look at our Languages page.

We know that in business, quality is about meeting goals and expectations. We’re therefore ready to advise you on which solutions to use in each situation to maximise success and optimise costs.

On the right you can see the locatheart Translation Turbine. It represents the basic combination of services that, together, will become the backbone of your translation.

Ecommerce and Online Marketing

We offer an end-to-end approach: you can choose from a variety of solutions (or we can help you to select them), and then you can get back to your core business while we take care of all your linguistic needs.

E-commerce is a business full of content. Customer service, product descriptions, navigation, reviews, marketing communication, ads, notifications, CTA messages, multilingual SEO keyword identification… and there is still more.

Research shows that cross-border shoppers are most focused on navigation, reviews and product descriptions. From experience, we also recommend proper keyword identification and tag translation for better search and filtering results.

However, the elements of an e-commerce experience vary in importance depending on your target market and customer base. Learn more about translation services for ecommerce.

Convey your message and identity to audiences in all of your markets. Create market-specific language guidelines to answer the needs of your different audiences. Draw attention, build communities and sell your product or service – whichever language you use. Learn more about translation services for marketing communication.

Use context-specific means to recreate your original message and reach your target audience. Whether it’s multilingual copywriting or transcreation, we have the skills to support your vision.

Blogs, edu-series and PDF guides are often built around themes and interconnected content. Creating a new language version of such subject-specific content requires quality translation, SEO keyword identification and implementation, as well as preservation of the content’s structure. At locatheart, we offer you the best solutions for content marketing, tested on our own blog and educational content.

When locatheart launched, we focused on video content. Though we have grown and developed, video is still an important part of our work, whether it is e-learning content, commercials, tutorials, how-to’s, video reviews or something else, we will translate it for you to the best market standard.

Transcreation is a creative process overlapping translation, localisation and copywriting. Its main focus is to recreate content in a new language, as if it was originally written for the new market. At locatheart, we work with great linguists and writers who stay creative while avoiding overinterpretation. Transcreation is a growing trend in marketing-related translations as it comes closer to the audience. Contact us about your transcreation project!

Writing from scratch in many languages calls for a single partner who will find suitable writers for each market and coordinate their work according to guidelines. We are that partner! With multilingual copywriting, you’ll stand out from the crowd in your new market.

Finding the right keywords for each language and market is a tricky task, as translation isn’t enough. People use different words, including synonyms and phrases that you wouldn’t expect. Customers in different markets may also have completely different search patterns. To enter a new market, you need to identify the keywords in use in that market and then position yourself online with them. This means that keyword research must come before any line of a product description or blog post is ever written.

We will find those keywords for your business to give you solid foundations for success in every new market.

Learn how to rank in all languages from our article about multilingual SEO and keyword research.

Sometimes content is not about value for your customers, but about volume for SEO efforts. We have a service designed for these needs, focused on multilingual keyword identification and implementation. Learn more about SEO content translation.

Translations for IT

Localization focuses on adjusting a product or a service to a new market so that its value is kept, including user experience. Translation may be an important part of app localisation.

Our specialized linguists are set in the markets that they’re translating for. That keeps their work relevant to the target audience. They’ll help to put your app in the local context, making it natural to use for end-users.

Contact us to talk about terms and prices of localising your software.

Continuous localisation allows for rapid translations suited for agile software development processes. The goal of continuous localisation is to translate almost in real-time, so that newly developed features can be released in all languages. This requires a special framework – as well as good understanding and communication between the development, localisation and translation teams. When planned well, it can become very efficient. Learn more about continuous localisation.

Game Translation

Mobile games are mobile apps and, as such, they require translation as part of a localisation effort. But as with any other games, mobile games may have some internal logic or storytelling involved, and these elements must be seen from a bird’s-eye perspective to bring the complete experience to the new language.

Video games are usually much bigger and require more complicated localisation and translation projects; they necessitate understanding of how games are built and used. At locatheart, we work with linguists specialised in this field to provide translations that will engage gamers as strongly as the original.

Board and card games are about more than just objects – the objects simply facilitate the whole experience. The role of board-game translation is to recreate the potential experiences of the game. Every single word is full of meaning when space is limited. In order to translate these games for new markets, translators get to know the gameplay and understand the whole universe of the game, particularly when licensing is involved. The use of our translation software allows us to minimise the workload of DTP specialists and to also minimise errors, as there is no more copy-paste work required. Let us know about your game!

E-learning Translation

Grow your audience by translating your online courses to new languages. Subtitles, voiceover, text and test translations are all part of the process, but in the end you can expand your learners’ knowledge base at a much lower cost than creating a new course from scratch. If you choose the right languages, you can use each in several markets. Use your educational content to build brand awareness, loyalty and trust in all of your markets.

Graphic FIles Translation

At locatheart we have plenty of experience in translating graphics files, including board games and card games. It is rarely noticed that professional translation software can work with a great variety of files, including the formats of most popular graphic software. So if you don’t want to copy-paste any more, let us know about the graphic files you’d like to be translated, or learn more in this article: Translating Graphics Files Demystified.

Customer Care and Self-Service Content Translation

Whether it is pre- or post-sale, customer care has a great impact on customer retention. When not translated properly, it can lead to misunderstandings and escalations instead of providing support. We know how to translate customer care articles, including self-service customer care. Learn more about translation services for customer care and self-service.

Legal Translation

Legal translation is a broad term for all kinds of contracts, regulations (of internal, governmental or regional scope) and certifications that often require subject-specific expertise and understanding of the provisions of a specific market. We provide a range of professional translators – including sworn translators – to meet all of your legal translation needs. Contact us for a quote, or read more about legal translation services.

Translation Process Managment

With every translation we perform for you, your databases grow. We can create them from scratch and await economies of scale, or you may have your own translation memory from previous projects. We will store it for you, keep it up-to-date and perform regular back-ups – because translation memory is your most valuable asset in creating new language versions.

Guidelines and reference materials are one of the foundations of successful translation, but you may not have the time or experience to create them. At locatheart, we are happy to facilitate this process. You can share your intuitive guidelines via e-mail or a phone call, and our team will create draft guidelines that you can review together. Our team will also define which types of reference material (like links, screenshots etc.) are suggested for each of your projects.

Terminology is a key component of communication. Your preferred style and tone of voice are strongly defined by the terminology you decide to use. Glossaries may include preferred synonyms, brand and industry terminology, prohibited words and words that should not be translated, as well as recurring words and phrases from previous translations. All of these tools make translations consistent and much faster.

How to verify the quality of your content in languages you don’t know? How to keep your internal translation team and your language partners motivated? Language quality audits are part of translation quality assurance. An external auditor controls the quality of a language version of your content and prepares a report with a list of errors, suggested corrections, identified types of errors and possible reasons for them, and a final overview. Contact us to talk about an external language quality audit of your international content.