SEO-focused Translation


Search Engine Optimization is still a huge driver for creating and translating content. There are thousands of articles created daily all around the world – not because customers need them or because companies have something to say, but because they are building backlinks, volume, and developing other parameters relevant for their SEO strategies. Much of this content needs translation.

This type of content is often created very quickly and published in secrecy. These articles and posts are placed in locations that are very visible to search engine crawlers, but aren’t so accessible for human beings.

What does this entail for translation efforts?

  • Keywords must be researched for the new language and market – and then implemented within the translations.
  • The text must be translated, but the translation has to be neither accurate nor very smooth.
  • However, the translation must be readable, as modern search engines can recognise complete gibberish.

This is the perfect task for a machine translation + post-editing + adaptation solution.

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