Translating Customer Care and Self-Service


Customer care tends to be neglected, and this is a huge mistake. According to data, it is a big driver for customer retention. According to a study by the Common Sense Advisory:

 74% of people said they were more likely to make a second purchase if post-sales support was offered in their native language.

Depending on the customer care approach you take, you should follow different paths. If you offer direct contact (especially in numerous languages), you can focus less on translating your customer support articles. If savings cause any losses in accuracy, the customer will be able to contact you. This may not be ideal in terms of effectiveness, but it works.

If, however, like a growing number of companies, your strategy is customer self-service, the quality of your customer care articles should be impeccable. Make sure that your content is accurate, comprehensive, unambiguous, and has a logical structure. Then ensure that these standards are maintained as you translate that content for new markets.

For this type of customer care approach, it’s recommended to use traditional services of human linguists, and especially the TEP-structured service.

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