Segment 2: Types of Translation


Welcome to Segment 2!

There are several ways of dividing translation into types and subtypes. The most basic division is into

  • written translation
  • audiovisual translation
  • interpretation

Interpretation is on this list because the essence of the activity is the same – conveying meaning from one language to another. In many languages, the same word is used for all types – interpretation included.

The purpose of content is a much more practical approach to dividing translation. What it is, and what its goal is, are the questions we ask ourselves when planning a translation project.

  • If you’re working with a product description, what is its goal? Is it sales (e.g. in an ecommerce platform) or hype building (e.g. in PR about a product yet to be launched)?
  • If you’re working with a landing page, what is its goal? Information or lead acquisition?
  • If you’re working with a blog, what is its goal? Is it part of an edu series for professionals, or is it designed to boost SEO efforts?

The combination of these two pieces of information – what it is, and what its goal is – makes it possible to take the best approach.

In the next chapters, we discuss some of the most common types of content translated in modern communication.

In this segment you, will learn the specifics of the following types of translation:

  1. translating e-commerce (sales)
  2. translating marketing communication
  3. translating advertising
  4. translating blogs
  5. SEO-focused translation
  6. translating customer care and self-service
  7. legal translation
  8. translating mobile apps and web apps (localisation)
  9. continuous localisation
  10. HR evaluation and psychology translation
  11. translating e-learning
  12. graphic file translations

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If you’re not interested in the specific types of translations you might want to skip Segment 2 and head to Segment 3: Translation Price and Performance.