Content localisation into 20+ languages for an international fashion brand

online shopping international brandOne of our clients is a Polish fashion brand, whose activity comprises design, production, and distribution of clothing in almost 40 markets all over the world, requiring multilingual content across various platforms. Since 2017, locatheart has been working with the brand, helping it enter new markets and undertaking a diverse array of translation and localisation projects.

Read our case study to learn about the strategies we employ to successfully localise fashion-related content across multiple languages and markets.

Challenges and objectives

With a track record exceeding 2,000 projects across over 20 languages, our collaboration has extended to cover multiple facets of the brand’s operations, including:

  • product names and descriptions,
  • marketing copy,
  • press releases
  • website localisation,
  • legal translation,
  • UI elements for both their app and website.

The client’s requirement for multilingual translation posed several challenges, primarily stemming from the need for consistency, accuracy, and efficiency across a broad spectrum of multilingual content. Given the diverse nature of the client’s product range, maintaining coherence and clarity in translations is paramount to their public image.

Step 1: English master version

We receive the source text in Polish, usually as an Excel file from the brand’s Product Information Management (PIM) system. It includes important details like product images, names, descriptions, and compositions.

Our in-house team then creates an English master version, which serves as the basis for translations into over 20 languages. They verify product names and descriptions with MDKs and additional images, ensuring accuracy and top quality. Even without official photos, we can translate the content using alternative references like sketches and warehouse displays.

This flexibility allows us to maintain consistency and quality across all marketing channels, and the brand – to launch its new products and collections worldwide without any delays.

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Step 2: Localisation into 20+ languages

Once the English master version has undergone review, our project manager assigns translation to our team of fashion-savvy linguists. Following quality assurance, we deliver the final files to the client, ensuring easy integration into their system and smooth content distribution across languages and channels. With each project, the client’s translation memory grows, resulting in quicker turnaround and cost savings.

By exclusively collaborating with professional translators who are native speakers of the language they’re translating into, we offer our client more than just a literal translation. We provide invaluable market insights that help them sidestep cultural pitfalls and ensure their message resonates effectively with their intended audience, maximising its impact.

The locatheart team frequently assists our client in identifying significant marketing calendar dates specific to each target market. Going above and beyond is our standard practice as we always adapt content to maximise conversion rates.

Likewise, when our client planned to send a universal newsletter referencing Friday the 13th, an Italian translator pointed out that it is Friday the 17th that’s considered unlucky in Italy. This prompted us to adjust our approach and discuss potential solutions with the client.

In another case, our client’s push notification encouraging parents to buy an extra pair of indoor trainers for their children for fall and winter puzzled a Greek translator, given Greece’s mostly sunny weather. Realising this cultural difference, the translator suggested tweaking the message to better fit local customs, ensuring it resonated with the Greek audience.



locatheart’s client-centric approach has proven instrumental in successfully navigating the complexities of multilingual translation for an international fashion brand.

Find out what our client has to say about our collaboration:

“It is with much pleasure that we recommend cooperation with the locatheart translation agency. LAH has been providing [our] brands with regular translation and localisation services into 20 languages since 2017. The LAH team successfully translates various types of content, including product names and descriptions, newsletters, Facebook and Google Ads texts, website content, as well as elements of user interface. A versatile language service provider, LAH is always willing to go the extra mile to meet our needs in terms of quality and deadlines. They are a reliable partner essential to our content and marketing operations.”

— E-commerce Operations Leader at an international fashion brand

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