Translation of the “What About the El Dorado” report for Just Join IT

Just Join IT logo Just Join IT is the largest job board in the IT industry in Poland and one of the most rapidly growing businesses in Europe, according to Financial Times. At the end of 2023, the company prepared a report entitled “What About the El Dorado”, meticulously analysing the IT labour market.

As Just Join IT’s regular language services provider, we were entrusted with rendering the document into English.

Challenges and objectives

After being translated into American English, the report was to be delivered in a format that would facilitate graphic processing. The files, however, weren’t saved in an editable IDML format, which posed a minor challenge.

Step 1: Translating the report and landing page

The fact that the files weren’t saved in the IDML format – one that would make it easier for us to process them in a specialist tool – didn’t discourage us at all.

The report was originally designed in Figma – a program that allows for exporting content first into a CSV file, and then into an XLS one, which are some of the formats supported by our CAT tools.

To be sure that the document’s formatting would be preserved, we provided the client with a text sample which they were to open in the program. It all worked out just fine – the only thing that the client’s graphic designer had to do was adjust the text boxes with the new content, which is a standard procedure in the case of this kind of translation.

Thanks to the effective, open communication and a clear definition of expectations, we managed to devise a flexible and fully customised translation process. Moreover, we were able to identify possible challenges and take pre-emptive measures to ensure a seamless project delivery.

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Step 2: Editing the translation

In line with the industry best practices, the translated texts underwent careful edition. It was done by an experienced linguist who checked the document in terms of language quality, factual correctness, and faithfulness to the original text.


As the document has been translated into English, all of its data and insights can now reach recipients from all over the world. Just Join IT’s report is a reliable source of information on the current condition of the IT labour market and an efficient marketing tool that works towards the brand’s global recognisability.

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