Sponsored articles in the e-commerce industry – link building in the German market

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Our successful presentation at the E-Commerce Warsaw Expo gave birth to a cooperation with one of the largest and most popular Polish online shops with fishing tackle, which at that time had only just begun operating in the German market.

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Challenges and objectives

Our client’s primary objective was to increase their shop’s visibility in German search results and boost organic traffic. The client was searching for information on recommended actions.

Step 1: SEO and language audits

We began by carrying out an audit of our client’s shop operating in the German market – we checked it in terms of SEO optimisation and language quality.

Afterwards, we put forward suitable solutions, and our client decided to adopt them gradually. The respective phases were:

keyword research for the German market,

mapping of key phrases in the context of content creation,

link building.

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Step 2: Link building in the German market

We compiled a list of six web portals related to fishing and open to sponsored articles.

While making our selections, we were guided by:

  • the authority and the subject matter of a website, as well as the volume of traffic;
  • whether or not a link would have an expiry date;
  • the link type – dofollow;
  • the price.

Our client wanted to use a text they had already written on their own. As it needed to meet the publisher’s requirements, however, our linguists made necessary corrections.

All the other sponsored articles were done internally at locatheart – we took into account the most popular topics and employed the most frequently used key phrases. The subjects we chose were, of course, submitted to the client for approval.

After we had prepared the materials, we sent them to respective publishers.

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As soon as the articles were published, the visibility of our client’s e-shop peaked, which, in turn, resulted in increased organic traffic.

increase in visibility and in organic traffic de e-shop locatheart
Better visibility and, as a result, increase in organic traffic on the e-shop.


More than satisfied, our client asked us to carry out a similar project for the Dutch and French markets.

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