Keyword research for a SaaS company operating in the Swedish, Italian, Polish and Korean markets

Korea case study locatheartIn today’s digital world, skilfully showcasing your expertise online is a key to success. Our client, a company developing a SaaS app that streamlines data visualisation, is well aware of that fact.

See how our SEO experts helped increase the app’s organic reach in the Swedish, Italian, Polish and Korean markets.

Challenges and objectives

Our client approached us with a request to prepare a list of keywords to be used for SEO optimisation of selected pages in specific markets. The client needed high quality key phrases which would boost the visibility of the most important website pages in crucial regions.

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Step 1: Keyword research

locatheart’s SEO specialists received all required materials from the client and went on to perform an in-depth analysis of the indicated pages.

With the use of the Ahrefs online tool, we performed keyword research for each page.

In order to benchmark our findings, we also researched the competition’s websites. By doing so, we identified the most vital keywords that our client should aim to rank for.

The keyword repository we created was then forwarded to another specialist, who verified its correctness and usefulness.

Step 2: Native speaker keyword verification

Having verified the key phrases in-house, we sent them to native speakers from our network, who speak languages used in our clients’ target markets.

With their aid, not only do we confirm the suitability of key phrases prepared beforehand but also receive suggestions of additional natural-sounding and commonly used queries from the target locale.

The keyword database was thus expanded to include native speakers’ ideas, and forwarded to the client.

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That project was the first one we’ve carried out for this client. We’ve proven that we can capably handle requests concerning various languages – including non-European ones. After the successful project conclusion, the client came back with further pages and the same task – to perform keyword research for targeted markets.

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