We prepared content for Google Ads campaigns in Hungarian, Czech, and Slovak markets for a French premium brand from the apparel industry

At locatheart, we often work with companies from the fashion industry. One of our clients is a French premium brand – we helped them improve campaign quality in the Google ad system by delivering naturally sounding content in Hungarian, Czech, and Slovak.

Read on to learn how we did it.

Challenges and objectives

At first, all content was translated internally by employees of subsidiaries operating in respective regions. This arrangement, however, wasn’t producing satisfactory results.

Our client wanted to obtain naturally sounding content that, first, would attract potential customers even in the most demanding markets, and second, would be properly optimised in terms of phrases that are popular among users.

Step 1: Identifying key phrases

We began our project by identifying key phrases in every target market – and we did it with the help of Google Keyword Planner.

We wanted to ensure that the key phrases employed in translations were an accurate reflection of those actually typed by potential brand customers in a given country.

The identified elements served as a basis for creating marketing slogans that were later to be used in the texts.

Step 2: Translating marketing content

We work with translators and copywriters from all over the world – in this case, we opted for linguists specialising in marketing texts. As one can guess, such people are perfectly able to retain the original tone and substance of the message, and make the content encourage recipients to take a specific action.

After we had prepared a list of key phrases, we sent it (along with the source texts and the client’s guidelines) to our best marketing content translators from Hungary, Czechia, and Slovakia.

Step 3: Transcreation – content that resonates with your audience

One of the freelancers we work with – a translator from Hungary – went one step further and crafted a transcreation, which, by definition, consists in adapting texts to the market, recipients, as well as cultural requirements and expectations.

New suggestions – along with a detailed explanation and a description of the anticipated reaction of the Hungarian audience – were sent to the client who was able to incorporate them in their Google Ads campaigns.


Thanks to our endeavours, knowledge and experience in online marketing and translation project management, our client received not only naturally sounding marketing content, but also a base of key phrases that helped them optimise the campaign.

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