Business Translation 101

All there is to know about translations

We’re a translation agency present in several dozen markets. Among our clients are big international companies; many years of experience have made us industry experts.

We invite you to join our mini-course, which serves as an introduction to business translation.

You’ll learn what business translation is and what it entails. You will also discover its types. We will teach you how to calculate the project price and increase your productivity. Finally, you’ll be shown how to manage translations effectively.

Become the most informed person at your company when it comes to business translation.

You’ll be able to share this knowledge with your colleagues and oversee your enterprise’s internal translation management.

It’s also a great opportunity for trainee translators who would like to learn the ins and outs of the process.

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The course will help you:

  • streamline the company’s translation management processes, manage the company’s internal translations as a coordinator;
  • select reliable linguistic partners who utilise state-of-the-art solutions and offer the best quality of collaboration.

We’ll touch upon the following topics

Day 1. What is translation and what does it entail?

Day 2. What types of translation are there?

Day 3. How do you estimate translation costs?

Day 4. How are translations managed inside a company?

Day 5. What is the role of a translation agency?

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