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At locatheart, we understand that success isn’t just about acquiring knowledge; it’s about putting that knowledge into action. Seeing as you’ve already taken the first step by delving into our e-book, we’re here to help you take the next big leap toward success.

Each business encounters its distinct set of challenges. Among these, lackluster conversions, disappointing sales figures, and mounting returns stand out as some of the most notable pain points. Our years of experience have taught us that addressing these obstacles before they arise is the key to maintaining a thriving business.

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If you’re responsible for ordering and managing new language versions of content at your company, chances are you find yourself grappling with challenges:

Poor quality of contentLimited time for market researchJuggling multiple freelancers worldwide

Lack of brand consistencyLow engagement in foreign markets

Struggling to meet deadlinesLack of synergy between content creation and optimization

We realize that your position comes with difficulties – and we’re here to help. Our tailored approach to localization services streamlines every aspect of localization, ensuring content quality, timely deliveries, and harmonious collaboration between your company and ours.

Imagine a scenario where your content isn’t just okay, but exceptional – every word resonates with your audience across borders, sales soar, and returns decrease significantly, leading to higher profitability. By partnering with us, you can turn this vision into reality and ensure your business excels on a global stage with our translation and localization services.

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Tailored approach and customized solutions in website localization services

Expert native speakers ensuring genuine and impactful communication

3-step quality assurance process for uncompromising excellence in localization services

One-stop-shop for a seamless integration of localization and SEO

Compelling content that boosts sales and delivers concrete outcomes

Building and sharing our experience

Since being established in 2015, our company has worked with major players in the entertainment, fashion, beauty, and gaming industries. This extensive experience in translation and localization services has enabled us to develop a range of proven solutions that are ready to drive your company forward.

Our team is made up of skilled professionals covering diverse domains including localization, content creation, SEO, subtitling, gaming, and business strategy. This diverse expertise ensures a well-rounded approach to addressing even the most unique needs of our clients.

Our passion for translation and localization extends far beyond our work. Beyond our daily efforts, we take pleasure in organizing conferences, crafting educational courses, and actively supporting industry initiatives. This unwavering commitment not only underscores our dedication to delivering exceptional localization  services, but also emphasizes our firm belief in the value of our endeavors. We invest our resources and time willingly, driven by the conviction that these efforts are inherently worthwhile.

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Client testimonials

Having worked with locatheart as a translator in the past, I was aware of their strong commitment to quality and the effective processes they have in place to uphold it. Now, as a client, my confidence in their methods has only been reinforced. Since they took over the localization service at [our company], we have experienced a significant improvement in translation quality, putting an end to any prior concerns. Additionally, their punctuality and responsiveness in addressing even the most unique requests from our side are greatly appreciated.

“The cooperation has been truly pleasant, and I am sincerely grateful for locatheart’s frequent assistance with urgent matters. Their responsiveness and willingness to support us in critical situations are highly appreciated.”

locatheart provides prompt responses to orders, specific completion dates, and transparent quotations. Questions are always answered without delay, and our orders are consistently delivered on time. We love the variety of translation options (translation only, translation with review, etc.) and their proficiency in handling multilingual projects.
R&D Senior Specialist – toy and board game manufacturer

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