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Experience seamless localisation and project management with locatheart. Simply send us the files, and our project management will take it from there, so that you can focus on what you do best – working on your games.

Say goodbye to subpar multilingual content and in-game inconsistencies, thanks to our foolproof glossaries, style guides, and quality assurance processes.

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Localisation services

Whether you’re looking to localise a standalone project or frequently updating a dynamic mobile game, we’re here to ensure your game captivates audiences across the globe. With a track record of hundreds of games localised into over 30 languages, we pride ourselves on being true localisation experts.

We handle everything, from in-game narratives to user interfaces and marketing materials, ensuring that the content is engaging, clear, and seamlessly integrated into the game world. Our collaborative approach with game developers and trusted linguists ensures a one-of-a-kind gaming experience.

We customise our services to align with your glossaries, translation memories, and style guides – or we create them from scratch if needed. Recognising the importance of context in game localisation, we equip our linguists with extensive reference materials and query sheets, ensuring smooth and best-possible localisation.

Exclusively partnering with reliable linguists who are both native speakers and professional translators, we deliver meticulously localised content that leaves a lasting impression on players worldwide.

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Project management

Successful localisation projects hinge on high-quality source materials, adept linguists for top-tier translations, and goal-oriented coordinators overseeing the entire process. You’ve nailed the first aspect, and we’re here to help you with the rest.
Navigating through multiple multilingual projects can be overwhelming. Among the challenges you face are juggling countless files, meeting tight deadlines, and ensuring the satisfaction of your entire project team. Now, envision the sheer ease when all it takes is a single email on your end.

Our goal is to remove the burden of localisation worries, freeing you to focus on your core priorities.

Szymon Neubauer-Vasquez
– CEO, locatheart

Szymon Neubauer-Vasquez

All you need to do is provide the files for localisation, and we’ll handle everything else. By teaming up with us, you gain access to a dedicated group of project managers overseeing your game’s translation, revision, and proofreading, all performed by top-notch linguists in the industry. We leverage cutting-edge CAT and terminology management tools for seamless localisation and cross-file consistency.

Quality is non-negotiable. Want your game to leave a lasting impact and captivate millions of players worldwide? Reach out to us and join our satisfied clients:

Having worked with locatheart as a translator in the past, I was aware of their strong commitment to quality and the effective processes they have in place to uphold it. Now, as a client, my confidence in their methods has only been reinforced. Since they took over the localisation service at [our company], we have experienced a significant improvement in translation quality, putting an end to any prior concerns. Additionally, their punctuality and responsiveness in addressing even the most unique requests from our side are greatly appreciated.

Localisation Team Lead – mobile game development studio

Language quality assurance (LQA)

Before delivering the final files, we perform linguistic quality assurance (LQA). Skilled reviewers and native proofreaders inspect the target text for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. We ensure compliance with glossaries and style guides while identifying potential issues such as:

  • trailing spaces,
  • strings exceeding character limits,
  • incorrect numeric formats,
  • inconsistent terminology,
  • potential missing diacritics,
  • and other concerns that could impact the game’s reception and UX.

For specific projects like board and card games, catalogues, and marketing materials, we recommend an additional step called linguistic sign-off (LSO) to enhance product quality. Once the graphic designer has prepared the final version of the localised content for print, a native speaker conducts a review to verify that all text is correctly displayed, not obscured by images or extending beyond borders, and that words are not improperly truncated.

Skipping these final steps may seem tempting for time and cost savings, but it’s crucial to perform them early when changes are still cheap and easy to implement.

Tailored solutions

One size does not fit all – especially when it comes to game localisation. Our tailored solutions empower you to choose the level of service that perfectly aligns with your goals. Partner with us for an approach as unique as your game.

We offer:

TO (translation only)

For a straightforward translation solution, entrust our skilled linguists to expertly translate your game content while preserving linguistic nuances and making it fun for local players.

TE (translation, editing)

If you’re looking to elevate your multilingual game, choose translation with editing. Our expert linguists translate your content, and skilled editors ensure an even more polished, compelling result.

TEP (translation, editing, proofreading)

Achieve the pinnacle of quality with TEP – a comprehensive package encompassing translation, precise editing, and a final proofread. Your assurance of best-possible localisation.

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