Translation and SEO Services for the Food Industry

online food shopping and grocery delivery

The global food market is vast and constantly evolving, facing its unique set of challenges:

The worldwide appetite for unique, authentic, and ethically produced foods is growing, pushing the industry’s value to record heights (according to statistics, it is expected to grow annually by 6.53% ). The diversity of cuisines and specialised dietary products, such as vegan and gluten-free offerings, is expanding.

Innovation within the food industry, including sustainable farming practices, ethical sourcing, eco-friendly packaging, emerging food technologies, and the incorporation of novel ingredients, is accelerating.

The trend towards conscious consumption has increased significantly, with consumers seeking detailed information about the origin, nutritional content, sustainability, and ethical implications of their food choices.

Pandemic-induced changes have altered consumption patterns and heightened the focus on health, safety, and nutritional standards.

The rise of online food shopping and delivery services has transformed how consumers access food products, necessitating robust digital marketing strategies, as well as the use of durable packaging that protects easily damageable food products during transport.

Facing the brunt of inflation, the food industry is navigating a challenging terrain. For example, statistics found that UK prices are up 14.6% since January 2022 – brands, therefore, should be aware of the impact this can have on their reputation and strive to alleviate the issue. This huge surge highlights the urgency for businesses to adapt by innovating cost-effective strategies and maintaining transparent communication with consumers.

Regulations and standards related to food production, safety, nutritional labelling, and marketing differ significantly across markets, necessitating nuanced understanding and compliance to avoid legal pitfalls.

Trust is paramount in the food industry, given the direct impact of food products on health and wellness. Transparency and authenticity in marketing and product descriptions are crucial in building and maintaining consumer trust.

Our agency has the necessary expertise to navigate your brand through all these and other, less obvious obstacles, converting them into possibilities for advancement and expansion.

We translate food-related content.

We keep up with the changes to address all your communication needs.

Food-industry-related language services provided by experts

Whether you need compelling product descriptions, engaging marketing texts, blog posts, or educational materials on culinary arts, our professionals, experienced in food industry communications, are here to ensure your message perfectly resonates with the target group of your choice. Our team comprises experts familiar with the culinary world’s unique language and trends, ensuring that we maintain the highest quality standards as we create content and adapt it to the rapidly evolving food market. Given the critical importance of accurate representation and regulatory compliance, only the most specialised team members handle linguistic tasks related to your food products and services.

Our language services for the food industry

Translation of product descriptions,

menus, and specialty food lines

Translation of advertisements for all platforms,

including social media and banner ads

Translation of newsletters,

blogs, and text messages

Translation of shipping,

returns, and payment policies

Website copywriting

and content translation

Voice search optimisation

for recipes and food ordering

SEO audit and content optimisation

for food-related websites

Keyword research and optimisation

targeted towards culinary trends

Translation based on experience

In capturing the essence of food products and culinary experiences, we employ a strategic approach that assures top-quality content and consistency, optimising for both effectiveness and cost-efficiency. If the original content isn’t in English, it’s rendered into English first to create a master version. This master version is then meticulously translated into other languages, ensuring a global reach while maintaining a uniform brand voice across all platforms and channels of communication.

Copywriting and transcreation for food brands

To successfully capture the latest food trends and innovations, straightforward translation – although sometimes necessary – may not suffice. Therefore, we offer expert multilingual copywriting and transcreation services tailored to the food industry. These services are crucial for adapting communication strategies to reflect the unique attributes of specific markets and evolving tastes, particularly when creating multi-language versions of websites, newsletters, and other marketing materials to ensure messages resonate with health-conscious consumers and comply with industry standards.

SEO efforts as one of the food bands’ strongest allies

SEO (search engine optimisation) and keyword research are key to staying competitive and maximising online presence in the dynamic food sector. By strategically incorporating relevant phrases and meeting all technical requirements, brands can make sure that their food-related content is not only informative and engaging but also easily discoverable by audiences searching for relevant data on services or products. This, in turn, helps improve search engine rankings, drive organic traffic to websites, and ultimately boost consumer engagement and conversions.

SEO services for B2C platforms:

  • conducting keyword research per product/category;
  • conducting holistic, industry-specific keyword research;
  • conducting season- and occasion-related keyword research;
  • creating a keyword base with filters that facilitate searching;
  • carrying out SEO audits of existing product pages;
  • performing competitive analysis (practices, keywords used);
  • performing an analysis of an indicated e-commerce platform (the site’s architecture, product page’s layout, a guide to SEO best practices);
  • writing a detailed description of the process (upon request).

We have experience with such platforms as Amazon, Makro, Rewe, Carrefour, Tesco, or Brakes.


The benefits of our operations: : we increase product visibility, help to understand the workings of a given platform (each has its own algorithm), aid in designing and optimising product pages, compile all keywords that are most vital in the case of a given platform, analyse how the competition works, gain insights into specific holidays and occasions, and adjust communications to the intended recipient.

Not sure as to what your brand needs?

Consistency and terminology management in food industry content

As trends and dietary preferences evolve quickly, while product lines are frequently modified and updated, maintaining content consistency and up-to-date terminology is absolutely essential. To address this issue, we develop clear style guides and glossaries to aid our linguists in creating content that aligns with current market trends and reflects the brand’s unique characteristics. This rigorous approach to content management is crucial in an industry where accuracy can significantly impact consumer trust and market-specific regulatory compliance.

In the food industry, quick shipment and easy returns are the key

In the food industry, the significance of a transparent supply chain, quick shipment, and easy returns cannot be overstated. Today’s consumers expect not only quality and safety from the products they consume but also convenience and efficiency in delivery and service. Quick shipment ensures that food products reach consumers in the freshest state possible, not only enhancing customer satisfaction and trust in a brand’s commitment to quality, but also significantly reducing waste, thus supporting environmental sustainability. Meanwhile, an easy and reliable return process is critical for maintaining consumer trust and loyalty, particularly in cases where products fail to meet expectations or issues arise. Incorporating adept language capabilities into these logistics can significantly uplift consumer interactions and establish a benchmark of service superiority in the food sector.

Our translation and SEO services for the food industry are specially designed for:

gourmet brands and artisanal food producers;

online grocery stores and food delivery services;

culinary blogs, cooking channels, and recipe portals;

food marketing and e-commerce agencies;

content creation and digital marketing agencies.

We engage in partnerships with both agencies and direct clients, including departments focused on e-commerce, sales support, marketing, product development, and international export. Our project managers, translators, and content creators who specialise in the food industry are ready to assist you. What are your goals?