Translation services for the furniture industry

We provide translation services for the furniture industry – we work with agencies and private clients, as well as with departments related to e-commerce, sales, marketing, product development and product export.

There are certain challenges that the furniture industry has been facing for a few years now:

  • Furniture prices are going up (in 2021, they went up by 14%!).
  • E-commerce has become more popular – and 62.3% of searches (so almost two-thirds) in the furniture section are transactional.
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, people bought more furniture even without targeted ads, largely due to the fact that they were stuck at home; now, however, advertising and marketing are more important than ever.
  • More people are interested in buying sustainable and eco-friendly products made with recycled materials.

The locatheart team will help you to turn these challenges into opportunities, using them to promote your business in domestic and foreign markets.

We translate furniture-related content.

We keep up with the changes to address all your communication needs.

Furniture translation done by experts

Regardless of the specificity of a given project, tasks commissioned to us are always performed by linguists who have a vast knowledge of the furniture industry. We work with skilled native speakers who are professional translators and know the field-specific terminology. Our three-stage process includes translation, editing and proofreading – it’s essential to creating high-quality multilingual content.

Our language services for the furniture industry

Translation of descriptions:

products, categories and special collections

Translation of ads:

social media, search engines, banners

Translation of newsletters

and text message communications

Translation of terms & conditions

of shipment, returns and payments

Creative translation of colour palettes

and content translation

Translation of names and characteristics of materials

Voice optimisation for voice search and voice assistants

Keyword research

and optimisation

Content consistency and terminology management in furniture translation

Maintaining consistency when creating multilingual homeware-related content is a challenge. It is crucial to prepare clear style guides and glossaries that will help linguists create content consistent with the current trends and the brand’s tone of voice. These materials allow for controlling the use of terminology, tracking the latest shifts in style and preferences, and filling up valuable translation memories

E-commerce is all about online searches. Using the right and up-to-date terminology is a must when it comes to SEO and winning over new customers – especially those in foreign markets. Content optimisation improves the efficiency of online ads and reduces the cost of SEM. Nowadays, almost two-thirds of searches for furniture are transactional in their intention, which is why proper search engine optimisation of content is so significant. Take a look at our article to learn more about what you can gain from multilingual SEO.

Copywriting and transcreation for furniture brands

How to keep up with customers who may be looking for classic pieces today but for the latest homeware trends tomorrow?

Translation isn’t always enough, which is why we also offer professional multilingual copywriting and transcreation services. They allow for efficient adjustment of communication style to the new market’s target audience and trends. Therefore, they often prove indispensable during the creation of new language versions of newsletters and website content.

Read our article and learn how we helped a Polish furniture manufacturer in localising their website for the French market.

Homeware isn’t clothing – people don’t buy furniture only to return it

People want easy payment methods and understandable shipment terms. Nobody likes making returns – especially when it comes to large products such as furniture. When people buy a piece of furniture, they want it to meet their expectations and last for a lifetime. That’s why it’s so important to create accurate descriptions that provide specific information about a given product and answer any questions that a customer may have.

Our team will make sure your descriptions match your products and answer the clients’ most common questions.

Eco-friendly furniture and social awareness on the rise

Sustainability plays a growing role in office environments (even if it’s a home office), as well as in everyday life. To meet your customers’ expectations, you should pay attention to their needs and use them in your marketing strategy. Do you use recycled materials or promote durability by offering repair services? Maybe you have a diverse team or an artisanal line of products that gives back to your community? Or perhaps you collect used furniture from your customers and add to the circular economy?

Even small steps count, as long as you are on a path toward embracing sustainability in your business. Audiences vary, but being honest about what your eco-friendly actions are (and what they aren’t – beware of greenwashing!) helps convince most clients they will not have to worry about returning your products in case they aren’t satisfied with them. We will help optimise your content to appeal to your customers in the best way possible.

Our furniture translation services are best-suited for:

  • furniture brands;
  • e-commerce agencies, marketplace-managing agencies;
  • online stores;
  • interior design consultants;
  • content and marketing agencies.

Let’s talk about your business and what it needs to grow!

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