Entering a new market within the FMCG industry

dietary supplements

Since 2019, we’ve been cooperating with Eqology – a Norwegian producer and distributor of dietary supplements – delivering content for 20 European markets. At the turn of 2021, Eqology decided to enter the Spanish market, entrusting us with localising – that is, translating and adapting – all necessary texts.

Read on to learn how we did it.

Challenges and objectives

Apart from carrying out our regular projects for the already supported markets, in a short space of time, we prepared content needed for entering Spain, including:

  • e-shop content,
  • welcome messages for customers and business partners,
  • transactional messages,
  • product brochures,
  • product descriptions,
  • articles and blog posts,
  • information for business partners,
  • regulations,
  • legal texts.

Due to fixed dates of promotional actions – such as events or launching the Spanish version of the website – the tasks needed to be fulfilled exactly on time.

Step 1: Devising an agile translation process

Wanting to effectively render into Spanish such a wide spectrum of content, we needed to approach the process in an agile manner.

Translating methodically one text after another would significantly prolong the waiting time for final files, colliding with our client’s strict schedule.

For this reason, respective parts of the venture – that is, introducing the brand into the Spanish market – had to be taken care of simultaneously. Large-volume tasks – such as translating e-shop content – were divided into smaller ones, so that work could go smoother and quicker.

Such an approach required us to involve a considerable number of linguists and, at the same time, maintain textual consistency.

For this reason, a dedicated communication channel was created, helping both translators and reviewers share their insights and suggestions related to particular renditions – essentially, it played the role of a glossary.

Thanks to solutions of this kind, the project could be carried out in line with every single translation and localisation rule, whereas Eqology’s Spanish customers received consistent content of the highest quality.

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Step 2: Coordinating translation tasks

Introducing a company’s entire range of goods into a new market is not exactly the easiest undertaking. Especially if the range in question is rich and varied, and the content to be localised – ample and highly differentiated.

Given the intensity of the venture and extremely tight schedule, we delegated as many as two coordinators who were responsible for organising work, ensuring timeliness, and communicating with both Eqology’s representatives and our linguists.

They divided tasks among themselves, consulted each other, and verified each other’s work at random – everything so that all standards were met, and the localised texts were of the highest possible quality.

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Meeting all deadlines set by Eqology and delivering natural-sounding content in Spanish was possible thanks to an extensive network of linguists translating solely into their native tongue.

When it comes to large-scale projects involving localisation of different types of marketing and legal content related to a specific industry, a large database of linguists specialising in a given area is key to success.

By entrusting the localisation of content needed for entering a specific market to seasoned experts, you can avoid mistakes and blunders that may reflect badly on your brand.

You only get one chance to make a first impression – don’t let your products or services be associated with errors and incomprehensible communications!

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