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The dietary supplements industry is one of the most rapidly evolving sectors. Here are some challenges health-and wellness-related localisation must confront:

Online retail is accelerating – both niche wellness brands and large supplement companies are increasingly turning to e-commerce platforms.

Innovation in ingredient sourcing and supplement formulation is on a fast track.

The changed trends and patterns in supplementation after the COVID-19 pandemic must be taken into account.

Advancements in science are continuously introducing innovative, sustainable methods of producing and packaging supplements. Conscious consumption is on the rise – consumers seek extensive information about ingredients, sourcing, and ethical considerations.

Globally, both the production and the consumption of dietary supplements are at an all-time high and continue to grow – already in 2023, the market was valued at almost 68.2 billion dollars.1 The sheer volume of available products and lines may seem staggering.

Many dietary supplements brands have come under scrutiny for presenting unverified information and making dubious claims about their products, leading to a wary and sceptical customer base. Consumers are increasingly vigilant and demand transparency and factual evidence to support the health benefits touted by companies – that is why accurate and unambiguous content is an absolute must.

Market-specific demands and regulations can vary greatly. For instance, in some European countries, consumers tend to purchase more immunity-boosting supplements during the autumn and winter seasons to prevent and combat infections. Additionally, each market has its unique legal framework regulating supplement sales and marketing. Understanding and complying with these laws is essential for translation and SEO strategies.

Our agency is equipped to help your brand navigate these challenges, transforming them into avenues for growth and expansion into new markets.

We translate dietary supplements-related content.

We keep up with the changes to address all your communication needs.

Dietary supplements translation done by experts

No matter what type of content the client needs crafted (product titles, descriptions, marketing posts, or educational texts), the task is handled by professionals specialising in dietary supplements industry communications.

We collaborate with seasoned experts who are well-versed in the specific jargon of the world of health and wellness. Their expertise ensures we uphold the highest standards even as product offerings rapidly evolve.

Given the stringent regulatory compliance and precise formulation details, only knowledgeable insiders are part of our team. As a result, each text, whether it pertains to a proprietary blend or a vitamin composition, is presented in a manner that is both precise and connects with the target audience.

Our language services for the dietary supplements industry

Translation of descriptions:

products, categories, and dedicated supplement lines

Translation of ads:

social media, search engines, banners

Translation of newsletters

and text message communications

Translation of terms and conditions

of shipment, returns, and payments

Website copywriting

and content translation

Voice optimisation:

voice search, voice assistants

SEO audit

and website content optimisation

Keyword research

and optimisation

Dietary supplements translation: an experience-based process

In articulating the nuances of dietary supplement products, we employ a meticulous strategy that guarantees top-tier quality and uniformity, also ensuring economic effectiveness. If the source material is not in English, it is translated into English to create a master version. The resultant template is then adeptly translated into other languages, to cater to a global consumer base while maintaining consistency across all informational platforms.

Content consistency and terminology management in dietary supplements translation

In the dietary supplements industry, translation memories can be a valuable tool for cost savings. However, ensuring translation consistency in content related to this particular sector can be a challenging task. With new products constantly emerging and older ones being reformulated and renamed, it becomes crucial to create clear style guides and up-to-date glossaries. These resources help our linguists create texts that align with current tendencies and reflect the brand’s unique characteristics. Moreover, we exercise strict control over synonym selection – we are perfectly aware that in the highly regulated and detail-focused supplements industry, even minor deviations in terminology and meaning can result in serious repercussions.

E-commerce is all about searching. To attract new customers, it is crucial to have an up-to-date vocabulary, whereas staying updated on the latest shifts in style and preferences and including them in the glossaries are especially vital when optimising content for SEO purposes. Consistency in language enhances the effectiveness of online ads and lowers the cost of SEM. Read our article on multilingual SEO for further insights.

Copywriting and transcreation for dietary supplements brands

As customers continually seek the latest innovations and formulas, mere translation of content may be not sufficient. To address this issue, we provide expert multilingual copywriting and transcreation services tailored to the dietary supplements sector. These services are vital for seamlessly adapting communication to reflect the unique attributes of a given market and emerging trends. They are especially crucial when crafting multiple language versions of newsletters and website content, ensuring the message resonates with a given health-conscious audience while being compliant with industry standards.

In the dietary supplements industry, gaining and building trust is the key

Credibility is absolutely crucial in the competitive dietary supplements industry – after all, customers rely on the quality and effectiveness of the products they consume to support their precious health and well-being.

What helps gain and maintain this trust, in turn, is expert translation and SEO – together, they ensure that all details are crystal-clear and easily accessible to consumers, enabling them to make informed decisions and feel confident in their choices. Adapting content accurately to the target market’s language and culture allows businesses to effectively communicate the benefits and safety of their supplements.

Additionally, taking into account market-specific laws and consumer trends, such as the rising popularity of probiotics in Korea or increased demand for collagen products in Japan, is essential for nurturing long-term relationships with specific audiences and building loyalty.

Our translation and SEO services for the dietary supplements industry are best suited for:

  • dietary supplements brands;
  • multi-brand online pharmacies;
  • health- and wellness-related blogs and portals;
  • e-commerce agencies, marketplace-managing agencies;
  • content and marketing agencies.

We cooperate with both agencies and direct customers, including departments dedicated to such areas as e-commerce, sales support, marketing, product development, and product export.

Our project managers, translators, and copywriters who specialise in health and wellness are at your disposal. What’s your objective?

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