Segment 5: Translation Management at Your Company


So how do you make sure you have an efficient translation process and high-quality communication across all languages?

In order to benefit from all modern solutions, it is very important to keep track of your company’s translations and to manage them. There are two common methods.

1. Assigning this role to a translation agency

In this model, all units of your company send translation orders directly to the translation agency. Usually one person at the agency is responsible for keeping track of them and checking if monthly limits (if there are any) are not exceeded.

2. Appointing an internal translation manager

An internal translation manager is responsible for translation orders from other units, keeping track of them, checking them against the budget, scheduling and sending to the translation agency in the form of more organised packages. This does not have to be a full-time occupation. If your company translates little content, this set of tasks can be just an addition to someone’s scope of responsibilities.

In this segment, we will cover topics that will help you learn how to become a successful internal translation manager:

  1. Internal translation manager
  2. How to order translation services
  3. How to verify translation quality (in languages you don’t know)
  4. Who are you?

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