Internal Translation Manager


Delegating a person responsible for translation processes always proves beneficial in the long run. Such a person will quickly gain insight into the company’s linguistic situation, as well as experience and practical knowledge on how to collaborate with language service providers.

Usually, an internal translations coordinator is responsible for:

  • negotiating translation budgets for the company and keeping track of translation expenditure
  • preparing and managing reference materials and guidelines (e.g. updating them)
  • preparing files for translation
  • verifying the quality of a language partner’s work (e.g. random checks)
  • verifying if a given project’s requirements were met (e.g. deadline, consistency), setting goals and keeping track of related measures
  • analysing the company’s long-term needs in terms of translation services
  • educating co-workers on how to prepare projects for translation.

A translator coordinator is every company’s best chance for efficient translations leading to high-quality international communication suited to the current needs.

In the next chapters, you will learn how to order translations and verify translation quality (in languages you do not know).

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