Increase sales and improve brand visibility with product descriptions

Increase sales and improve brand visibility with product descriptions

Increase sales and improve brand visibility with product descriptions

Descriptions and photos work together

In the “new normal” pandemic reality, product photos are not enough. Well-tailored text is even more important than before, as it bears a greater responsibility for effective sales. Simply “showing” a product isn’t enough. To stand out in a crowd, you need to utilise all your marketing tools. Words included.

A great description:

  • answers clients’ questions,
  • inspires to buy (and use),
  • is informative,
  • is relevant to the target audience,
  • is well writter (or translated),
  • prevents returns,
  • prevents low ratings,
  • improve you visibility and SEO ratings.

Descriptions stimulate you client’s senses

Are you selling perfumes? Take your client to a meadow – let them feel how the fresh scent of lilac petals swirling in the wind fills their lungs, how the tall grass gently caresses their skin just above the knee.
Or maybe you’re launching a clothing collection for the summer season? Allow your clients to experience the touch of a linen dress softy embracing their silhouette, the bright sunlight beams seeping through a woven straw hat and the ticklish feel of its ribbon swaying cheerfully in the fresh breeze.
Use descriptions to not only stimulate your clients’ senses, but also rekindle their memories. You will bring back a piece of longed-for normality.

Stories can charm clients

How to sell a product effectively? Wrap it up in a story.

What kind of story? The best stories always revolve around a hero (one or many) whose adventures evoke emotions. Who didn’t shed a tear over the Sainsbury’s commercial in which soldiers from opposite sides reconciled and reunited during Christmas truce? Do you remember the old IKEA lamp whose story was revived after 16 years? You too are shocked that you can feel sorry for a lamp? Let me introduce you to the magic of storytelling.

Effective storytelling can increase your product’s value. According to the psychologist Paul Bloom, due to our inherent human snobbery we tend to perceive things which are unique, rare and made with the use of creative energy as more valuable. That’s why so many brands often come up with limited editions or describe their products as “the first one”, “the best one” or “the only one” in the market.

Descriptions can help you stand out

Wondering how to make your pair of trousers stand out from all the rest? Point out how much creative energy was employed in the process of bringing your idea to life.

Tell a story about a designer who couldn’t find a suitable pair. Emphasise how she tried on dozens of looks, swept through countless hangers in her local second-hand shop, checked all the well-known chain stores and even visited a luxurious department store. Unfortunately, not a single pair met her expectations – none of the looks were comfortable, flattering and universal enough.

Increase sales and improve brand visibility with product descriptions-There is a story in every image. Tell yours!

Frustrated, the designer decided to take matters into her own hands and after many unsuccessful attempts she created the perfect pair of trousers for a modern woman – high waist linen trousers with fitted waist. She started to cooperate with a local fabric manufacturer to create the most ecological product and support domestic business.

Accidentally, this fabulous look happens to be available in your e-store…

How to get back to earth?

How to get from the meadow back to reality? Enumerate all fragrance notes. You can start from explaining the volatile head notes which open up the scent and evolve into more intense ones. Boost your description with suitable adjectives – help your client feel the scent by conjuring up the fresh, citrus or floral aroma with which they might be familiar.

Facts are a must

You’ve captured clients’ attention with a gripping story, you’ve awakened their senses and evoked nice memories? Now what? Be as substantive as possible. Even fairy tales end with a moral.

The description of your product must convey a reliable message. Let’s get back to your clothing collection. Which types of product information are relevant?

  • Models’ measurements (it facilitates making the final decision).
  • Size chart (comes in handy for all hesitant clients).
  • Product care requirements.
  • And all the other information relevant for your product.

Study these examples:

  • Thanks to the detachable lining, this faux shearling jacket is a perfect choice for both autumn and winter season – you include information about the fabric and functionality, which helps in product classification.
  • Handbag features 2 compartments for your must-carry essentials. It fits A4 – factual information + personal benefit.
  • T-shirt made of organic cotton – we’ve entered the era of sustainable fashion, so if your brand supports this philosophy – show it!
  • The model wears UK 8, model’s height: 165cm

Although this part of description is purely informative, it serves as a great reference point for any decision makers. This way, you will keep your clients and avoid unnecessary returns. It also works wonders for you SEO efforts.

The perfect product description

We rely on online product descriptions every day. As we cannot touch or personally test many items, we seek for answers on the web.

When creating descriptions, combine the magical properties of storytelling and factual messages. Always keep your target market and audience in mind. Use well-written (or translated) content to avoid significant errors. Don’t underestimate the power of words; become a master of engaging and substantive content – for all markets, for all sales channels.

Author: Anna Żbikowska

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