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Effective blog post brief [free template & guide]

How do you make sure that the blog posts you get are the blog posts you want? Use a comprehensive blog post brief template. It is a great tool for communication with internal writers, freelance talent, as well as language and translation agencies like locatheart. Create your own brief or download our comprehensive blog post brief template (get it...

7 questions to answer before you start your company blog - a pencil touches a white surface.

7 Questions to Answer Before You Start Your Company Blog

Whether you sell services or products, a company blog can boost your SEO efforts, build professional image and trust as well as support client retention across all your markets. But blogging needs a plan of action. Before you call any copywriters make sure you answer these 7 questions and prepare a blog post brief. The...

Increase sales and improve brand visibility with product descriptions

Increase sales and improve brand visibility with product descriptions

Descriptions and photos work together In the “new normal” pandemic reality, product photos are not enough. Well-tailored text is even more important than before, as it bears a greater responsibility for effective sales. Simply “showing” a product isn't enough. To stand out in a crowd, you need to utilise all your marketing tools. Words included. A...