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"Roi is an inaccurate and false metric for translation.... Translation is a revenue enabler, not a revenue generator" - Jeff Beatty, Head of Localisation at Mozilla - quotation against a background of birds flying in V-formation

Translation and localisation ROI

Business demands gain. Investments must be profitable. That is why you calculate translation ROI. Localisation, too, must bring about measurable effects – “measurable” being the key word. Problem with calculating ROI for translations This statement pretty much sums up the issue with estimating the impact that translations have on profit. The effectiveness of translation always depends...

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Effective blog post brief [free template & guide]

How do you make sure that the blog posts you get are the blog posts you want? Use a comprehensive blog post brief template. It is a great tool for communication with internal writers, freelance talent, as well as language and translation agencies like locatheart. Create your own brief or download our comprehensive blog post brief template (get it...