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Omnichannel fashion retail translation: Middle-aged womanis sitting at her desk with an open lap-top with her glasses in her hand. She is smilig at us. Caption: Omnichannel fashion retail: consistency, personalisation and language - LocAtHeart translation agency

Omnichannel fashion retail: consistency, personalisation and language

What makes omnichannel really impressive is a consistent message. Omnichannel fashion retail is no different. Professional communication architecture provides tools for maintaining brand consistency across all platforms, languages and personalised experiences. Learn how to build style guides that will help you achieve consistent, personalised and fun communication for omnichannel fashion retail. Omnichannel fundamentals No matter who you...

The language of Japanese Fashion - avoid translation traps - LOC AT HEART

The Language of Japanese Fashion

Japan is often presented as a land that virtually overflows with shocking (from a foreigner’s point of view) trends and fashion phenomena – curiously enough, however, Japanese culture has a lot in common with the Western one. The Japanese are keen to incorporate Western trends into their designs – but they give them a...