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Audiovisual translation: all you need to know about subtitling, SDH and more

We’ve been witnessing a tremendous popularity of OTT platforms for a while now. Giant streaming platforms are constantly trying to outdo each other with the number of released films, TV series or original productions. However, to launch anything in a particular location, they all need to provide the target audience with one key service:...

5 common mistakes made in translation of legal texts - LocAtHeart translation agency

6 Common Mistakes Made in Translation of Legal Texts – GDPR and More

Reaching wider audiences and increase in sales are normally the most obvious reasons to use professional translation services. As far as translation of legal texts is concerned, being on the safe side is another factor. Mistakes can have far-fetched consequences. Many companies try to save both money and time when it comes to translation. It...

The language of Japanese Fashion - avoid translation traps - LOC AT HEART

The Language of Japanese Fashion

Japan is often presented as a land that virtually overflows with shocking (from a foreigner’s point of view) trends and fashion phenomena – curiously enough, however, Japanese culture has a lot in common with the Western one. The Japanese are keen to incorporate Western trends into their designs – but they give them a...