E-commerce Content for the Fashion Industry

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E-commerce Content for the Fashion Industry

Marketing content for fashion: which features of an online shop need your special attention?

Many industries have been impacted by the pandemic; however, when it comes to picking the one that required a particularly agile approach, it has to be the fashion industry. And no wonder – suddenly, the only way for clothes shops to draw customers’ attention – and the only way for them to generate profit – was to go online. An exponential growth in the number of e-consumers has been observed, and nothing indicates that this tendency is about to change. After months of operating in the midst of pandemic, numerous companies came to notice the potential hidden in e-commerce content for fashion and decided to expand or improve their businesses.

But if you think fashion in e-commerce equals clothes and clothes only – think again. Whether you are planning to enter new markets or have just began establishing your online presence, you have to create and localise a lot of content related to your online store.

Marketing content for fashion brands – what’s in a name?

A product name should contain brief information on a given piece of clothing and list its major characteristics. Usually, it is composed of a main category (e.g. dress/trousers/jumper) and a differentiating element. It could be one of the following:

  • the type of fabric (cotton body);
  • the cut (wrap front dress);
  • the length (midi skirt);
  • the pattern (polka dot leggings);
  • the number of items (ankle socks 3 pack);
  • the main motif, sometimes a licensed one, e.g. a Disney cartoon character (Mickey Mouse T-shirt).

Why is a suitable name so important? First of all, it encourages customers to explore a particular offering. It is – apart from the photo – the first thing we notice, even before we start reading the description. Secondly, product names often become keywords. We use them in general Internet search engines as well as in search tools available on respective shops’ websites. For this reason, it would be a good idea to adjust our product names list both to target groups’ needs and to market trends.

Product descriptions in the fashion industry

What do we mean by “product description”’? A more detailed characteristic of a given item. Worth including are:

  • Fabric composition. If your company is involved in the sustainable fashion movement, be sure to put a brief note about the philosophy and the values of your organisation, as well as the way your clothes are made.

PRO TIP: It is worth providing a separate subpage dedicated to production methods and distribution. Stick to the facts and quote reliable sources to avoid being suspected of greenwashing.

Need help with creating significant content related to social issues? Feel free to consult us:

  • Provide the information about the model’s height and the size of clothes they are presenting. Another good idea would be to include precise measurements of a clothing item and prepare a short size guide.

PRO TIP: Want to enhance your image of a fashion expert? Consider adding an outfit inspiration or suggesting a look that is similar to the one your potential customer is examining at the moment. This technique is employed for example by Zalando, one of the fashion industry’s giants.

Category descriptions – the helping hands in the world of e-commerce

From a potential customer’s point of view, category descriptions are not that important – as a matter of fact, most people just skip over them. Category descriptions play a crucial part, however, in the process of optimising and positioning your website. What they do is allow for the creation of longer and more comprehensive content. Which then can be additionally enhanced with quality keywords.

PRO TIP: You can update category descriptions every season so that the keywords contained within them always mirror customer queries. Example: in the Autumn/Winter season, put an entry about insulated jackets, jumpers, turtlenecks or warm boots.

The information your customers are looking for does not concern only the clothes themselves. Of equal importance are sections devoted to order fulfilment, returns, customer complaints, etc. In other words, all the information that can help a customer go through the whole shopping ordeal painlessly and without hassle. In this case, you have to ensure that the language is simple enough, that the message gets through and that all the key issues are explained in detail.

At locatheart, we are experienced both in creating and localising content of that sort.

Putting together some of the website tabs (like Privacy Policy or Data Protection pages) requires being well-versed in legal jargon. Have a look at our legal content offering.

Marketing content for fashion – supplementary promotional actions

If an online shop is the core of your business and the main source of income, make sure that it is accessible through various digital channels.

  • Social media profile. Every medium has its own, slightly different target group; therefore, adjust your marketing campaign to various channels. A Facebook post will not necessarily produce the same response rate if you publish it unaltered on Instagram.

  • Newsletter. Expand your contacts to create a bond with consumers, enhance your company’s image, strengthen your brand, and make sure that your company’s unique values and aims are clearly visible. Chances are that if you follow the above rules, the next time somebody wants to expand their wardrobe, they will think of you.

It has become glaringly apparent that improving brand’s image online is extremely important. Even more so when it comes to the fashion industry which has been relegated almost exclusively to online activities.

If you do not want to fall back behind your competitors and need help with creating content, translating texts, or preparing a cohesive communication strategy, reach out to us at this e-mail: contact@locatheart.com. Together we will enhance your business with marketing content of the highest quality.

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