Author - Paulina Świetlak

kwr in the beauty industry

Keyword research per product versus per category in the beauty industry – which is more effective?

Owners of online shops in the beauty industry often find it extremely difficult to establish and then maintain a strong presence in the market. The direct reason is huge competition, which makes acquiring new customers increasingly harder. Luckily, what could be of an equally huge help here is SEO. Proper optimisation of product cards can...

Heading: How we built our team and gained experience in fashion translations

Clothing industry translations – how we built our team and gained experience

Clothing industry translations are seemingly easy. An amateur might ask, “What’s so difficult about fashion?” But an expert will answer, “Everything,” meaning various cuts, fabrics and trends that are only the tip of the fashion iceberg. At locatheart, we work only with true experts. We know that building up a professional team takes quite...

SEM - search engine marketing - LocAtHeart translation agency

The Perfect SEM. Why It Is Worth Mixing Online Paid Advertising with SEO

To successfully advertise a website on the internet, you need some professional know-how and proper tools. One of those tools is SEM (Search Engine Marketing). It can be described as the whole of activities undertaken to help with website positioning in online search results. This applies both to paid and free search results. A marketing...