Economies of Scale – Case Study


Here is a success story from one of our clients, a well-known clothing brand.

Before the analysed period, we had been working together for 3 years. Locatheart prepared foreign language versions of product names, descriptions and landing pages for this multibrand client.

Analysed period: 3 months
Volume of translation in the analysed period: 15,442 words, including

  • landing pages: 2,257 words
  • product names and descriptions: 13,185 words

In a simple [wordcount] x [rate] calculation, the client would have to pay 8019 PLN.
Thanks to previous translations stored in translation memory, the actual cost was 3835 PLN.

The client managed to save 52.24% of their localisation budget for this project, because they chose a business partner who uses modern cost-calculation methods.

The resulting rate per a translated word is PLN 0.25 in comparison to the initial rate of PLN 0.52.

This shows why the “lowest-rate” is not what you should focus on if you are thinking about long-term translation efforts.


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