Segment 1: The Essential Elements of a Translation Process


Translation, like any process, is built upon smaller elements. Once you get to know them, it will be much easier to understand your translation needs and partners.

The elements of a translation process are divided into:

  • Language focused elements
  • Management focused elements
  • Translation tools

Together, they’re the building blocks for any successful translation process.

The basic language-focused elements of translation are translation, editing, proofreading, machine-translation and post-editing, and LSO.

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Management-focused elements of translation are project management, account management, tool selection and linguist selection.

Translation project managers run specific projects, while account managers are responsible for clients’ assets. The selection of the right tools and linguists for a client’s needs, timelines and budgets is a support function often performed by a separate professional.

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The basic translation tools are CAT software, QA software, translation memory, CMS and plugins.

When selected and used properly, these translation tools enable economies of scale in translation.

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Every professional translation process combines many of the aforementioned elements. Keep reading to understand each of them.

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