Management-Focused Elements of the Translation Process

Project management in translation focuses on performing specific projects. The project manager evaluates a task, defines the resources needed, and takes responsibility for a timely and on-budget delivery within the client’s scope and quality requirements.

During the process, the project manager contacts the client and linguists and oversees the technical preparation of the task, such as file preparation, setting the CAT software with proper translation memory, or running automated quality tests.

Account management focuses on nurturing relationships with existing clients. The exact approach and tasks often differ from company to company. One of the tasks of account management at locatheart is ensuring that a client’s translation assets – such as translation memories, glossaries and client guidelines – are always up-to-date, well-managed and aligned with the client’s current strategy, needs and goals.

Tool selection is a function involving both business and technology. Performing this function well requires knowledge of translation tools and their best use-cases – for example, the ability to identify the best MT engine for a given language pair, the type of translation and the topic.

Only a thorough knowledge of translation software, plugins case studies and industry news allows for optimal selection of tools for each project.

Linguist selection is based on in-house linguists and relationships with our network of freelance providers. An experienced translation vendor manager can secure the right people and companies for each project, taking into consideration scope, budget and schedule.

In order to perform this function effectively, a linguist and vendor manager uses and updates a database that covers information such as language pairs, fields of focus, price ranges, capacity and holidays, translation tech stack and, last but not least, the ratings of each provider in terms of quality and reliability.

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