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Translating Japanese Anime versus Western Animation for Children [featured image] - translation agency LocAtHeart

Words apart: translating Japanese anime vs Western animation for children

Anime has been gaining popularity in the West since the 1990s. The current VoD trend makes Japanese productions appealing to an even broader audience, thus creating demand for a growing number of language versions. It’s no secret that Western mainstream animation is usually made for children or for whole families. In Japan, it’s quite a...

How audiovisual translators shape our life? [featured image] - translation agency LocAtHeart

How audiovisual translators shape our life

You press “play” on an episode of a long-awaited series. You turn on subtitles in the language of your choice. You forget about the world and let yourself be entertained. Once the episode is over, you waste no time starting the next one. Sounds familiar?  Did you know that at the very end, there is...

Audiovisual translation How subtitles are made - LocAtHeart translation agency [header]

Audiovisual translation: all you need to know about subtitling, SDH and more

We’ve been witnessing a tremendous popularity of OTT platforms for a while now. Giant streaming platforms are constantly trying to outdo one another with the number of released films, TV series or original productions. However, to launch anything in a particular location, they all need to provide the target audience with one key service:...