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South Korean e-commerce market insights: Forget Google [header image with caption] - LocAtHeart translation agency

Korean e-commerce market insights

You are now aware of the reasons why entering the e-commerce market in South Korea can be a savvy business move. Time to dig deeper into the Korean e-commerce market.  Before you start reading, forget about Google algorithms, well-known content tactics, and the most popular payment methods you know from Allegro or Zalando. Finding your...

Selling cosmetics to Koreans - insights on the Korean beauty market. Photograph of a Korean woman (b&w)

Selling Cosmetics to Koreans

Koreans, cosmetics and beauty culture South Korean cosmetics and beauty routine are the hippest part of the Korean wave, or hallyu. K-beauty is a vast term that includes skincare and makeup. Statistics don’t lie – in 2018 South Korea became the fifth country in the world with the largest revenue from skincare products. Koreans take skincare...