What is International Keyword Research?

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What is International Keyword Research?

What is International Keyword Research? International keywords research is an organised process in which keywords for new markets are listed. International keywords research is usually performed:

  • separately for each market,
  • using SEO-dedicated software.

“International keyword research” is a phrase used interchangeably with “multilingual keyword research” (we even do this on this website), although in some contexts the two terms may not mean the same thing – e.g. if you look for keywords in several languages spoken in the same country (like Canada or China), you would not use the term “international”.

How to perform international keyword research?

There are 3 ways to perform international keyword research that your company can choose from:

  1. Do it yourself
    This will be a rather lengthy and tiresome process, and – unless you have access to expensive professional software – it will also prove only partially successful. There is no such thing as a full list of keywords, but it can be more or less comprehensive. Without the tools and know-how, you will always end up on the “less” side of things. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, especially if you run a small company and have only begun your content efforts.
  2. Translate your existing keywords lists
    Keyword translation is not a very efficient way of obtaining keywords for new markets – translated keywords need to be validated against actual search results and then supplemented with missing keywords, which makes the whole process long, complicated and error-prone. A translated list of keywords can, however, be a starting point for your DIY international keyword research.
  3. Run professional keyword research for new markets
    An international SEO services company will be able to provide keywords that are well-adjusted both to real-life search queries in your new market and to your goals in that market. They can label keywords by search intent (seeking information or purchase?) and identify keywords that your new competitors have missed. There are numerous factors to be considered in the process and dozens of parameters you can adjust your keyword lists to.

Benefits of good international keyword research

Properly performed keyword research can help you:

  • improve search engine rankings,
  • minimise unwanted and low-quality traffic,
  • optimise search ad cost.

Not to mention that keyword research is one of the pillars of SEO, which – in turn – is foundational to online success.

International SEO is SEO – in other markets
International keywords are the keywords your international audiences use.

Here’s a tip:

Do not try to force your native keywords upon them just because they worked in your market.

Of course, experiment, A/B test and draw your own conclusions, but always respect the cultural differences and varying search patterns across countries and regions.

On another note: international SEO is “just” SEO. You mastered it in your home market so with the right approach you will do the same in all new markets.

At locatheart, we take care of the whole international keyword research process for you.

If you let us create or localise your content and perform your keyword research, we will take care of optimising all texts. We will also manage your content in your CMS and input all the tags, keywords or permalinks needed for effective SEO.

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